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Matching Grant – Please Consider Contributing

PACG has received a unique opportunity by being provided with a challenge grant from Mike Liebbe. Mike will provide a matching grant of $1,500 with a dollar for dollar match for each new donation made in 2012 up to $250. A new donation will be any made by a person who has not contributed to PACG since 2010. If you did not make a contribution during 2011, a contribution now will meet the match requirements. Please consider helping PACG match the entire $1,500.

Your financial support will be greatly appreciated and your contribution will be doubled by this great opportunity. Your contribution will go to support the efforts that PACG will make this year promoting progressive issues during the election.

Go to our web site at www.qcprogressiveaction.org to complete the donation form that is listed. You can make a one time contribution or pledge over a period of time. Thank you for any support you can provide.