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PACG Environmental Forum Regular Meeting

Wednesday, October 23rd at 6:00pm
PACG Environmental Forum
PACG Environmental Forum Regular Meeting
Cobblestone Place – Community Room
1212 West 3rd St Davenport

The revitalized PACG Environmental Forum will meet this Wednesday evening to discuss a number of upcoming events and to plan our first action.

If you are aware of the enormous climate crisis that we as a world community now confront then PLEASE ACT!!!


Bill Sherwood

After Action Report: Revitalized Environmental Forum Promises Action!

Wednesday, October 9th

Revitalized Environmental Forum Promises Action!

“On October 9th a group of veteran and newbie Environmental activists met to breathe new life into the PACG Environmental Forum and in doing so to give a home to anyone in the Quad Cities who believes that the time for talk is past and that we must ACT and be very visible on the issue of Climate Change.

The meeting began with participants viewing a 10 minute video on climate change, entitled “Final Hours” (available at http://lasthours.org/). The video was followed by a rich discussion on what was needed in the Quad Cities for the area to become a powerful center of advocacy for Climate Action.

The Great March for Climate Action was then discussed. The Great March is a massive undertaking organized by Ed Fallon of Des Moines. The plan is to organize and support 1,000 climate activists to march in a movable demonstration from Santa Monica California to Washington D.C. That group is scheduled to come through the Quad Cities on August 24th of 2014. They need our help! (Details at http://climatemarch.org/.) This is an unbelievable opportunity to put Climate Change front and center and we must not miss it.

Finally the group discussed the possibility of a memorial to Hurricane Sandy on the 29th of October. There were mixed feelings about the success of the idea; but, it was decided that a small group would pursue it to determine its viability.

Bill Sherwood

After Action Report: PACG Education Forum Has an Impact!

Saturday, October 28th

PACG Education Forum Has an Impact!

PACG Education Forum Has an Impact picture 1

“On Saturday September 28th more than 75 local educators and concerned citizens gathered at Davenport’s Unitarian Universalist church for a screening of the new educational documentary “Go Public, a Day in the Life of an American School District”.

Following the screening a panel of area education experts discussed with the audience the value of the film and its relevance to the Quad Cities. There was unanimous agreement that the film did a wonderful job of bringing to the public a true slice of life in an urban public school district and in doing so is a valuable tool to help combat the distortions and half-truths that have been widely used to attack public education.

We wish to express a very special thank you to the film makers Dawn and Jim O’Keefe for their brilliant film and for traveling across half a continent to show it to us.

Note: The film makers have posted a brief video of the discussion on the web at https://vimeo.com/76743536

Panelist included Ralph Johansen (President of the Davenport School board), Tom Carpenter, (Director of the St. Ambrose School of Education), Mike Schroeder, (Professor of Education at Augustana College), Art Tate, (Superintendent of the Davenport Schools), Toby Paone, ( Uniserve Unite Director for the Iowa State Education Association), Cindy Winckler (retired educator and Iowa representative), Rebecca Menard, ( Teacher in the Davenport Schools and President of the Davenport Education Association), Dawn O’Keefe, ( Freelance writer, investigative reporter and producer), and Bill Sherwood (Retired educator, current Davenport School Board member, and member of the board of PACG).

PACG Education Forum Has an Impact picture 2

Co-sponsors of the evening were Progressive Action (PACG), St. Ambrose School of Education, The Iowa State Education (ISEA)

Bill Sherwood

After Action Report: ACA Enrollment Press Conference

Ken Croken speaks at ACA Enrollment Press Conference

Ken Croken speaks at ACA Enrollment Press Conference

Despite the fact that last Tuesday, October 1, 2013, the U.S. government shut down and thereby created real hardships for many, many people, it was also a date to celebrate—the first date for millions of people in this country to sign up for the expanded health care coverage opportunities created by the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Here in the Quad Cities, it was a beautiful afternoon—a bit breezy, but sunny and warm—a great day to be outside. A large group from PACG did just that, at the fountain out front at the Genesis East campus. We were at a press conference to hear a number of Quad City organizations explain what they will be doing to enroll the approximate 40,000 uninsured people in our Illinois-Iowa community. Davenport mayor Bill Gluba, passionate as always about issues of social justice, gave a rousing affirmation of the importance of the day in the expansion of social and health care justice for all. Representatives of Genesis Health System, Community Health Care, Project Now, Casa Guanajuato, Illinois-Iowa Center for Independent Living, Campaign for Better Health Care, and the Rock Island County Health Department all explained their roles in enrollment. The overriding message was that this push for enrollment would truly be community-wide.

Picture of Karen Metcalf facilitator PACG Health Care Forum

Karen Metcalf facilitator PACG Health Care Forum

Community organizations are going to be key partners in our local enrollment activities. PACG is one of over 900 organizations around the country that have made a commitment to helping the enrollment effort by becoming a Champion for Coverage. We’re taking that role seriously, and the Health Care Reform Forum is actively working to strengthen the network of support for enrollment across the QC community. Stay tuned for updates!