After Action Report: PACG Education Forum Has an Impact!

Saturday, October 28th

PACG Education Forum Has an Impact!

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“On Saturday September 28th more than 75 local educators and concerned citizens gathered at Davenport’s Unitarian Universalist church for a screening of the new educational documentary “Go Public, a Day in the Life of an American School District”.

Following the screening a panel of area education experts discussed with the audience the value of the film and its relevance to the Quad Cities. There was unanimous agreement that the film did a wonderful job of bringing to the public a true slice of life in an urban public school district and in doing so is a valuable tool to help combat the distortions and half-truths that have been widely used to attack public education.

We wish to express a very special thank you to the film makers Dawn and Jim O’Keefe for their brilliant film and for traveling across half a continent to show it to us.

Note: The film makers have posted a brief video of the discussion on the web at

Panelist included Ralph Johansen (President of the Davenport School board), Tom Carpenter, (Director of the St. Ambrose School of Education), Mike Schroeder, (Professor of Education at Augustana College), Art Tate, (Superintendent of the Davenport Schools), Toby Paone, ( Uniserve Unite Director for the Iowa State Education Association), Cindy Winckler (retired educator and Iowa representative), Rebecca Menard, ( Teacher in the Davenport Schools and President of the Davenport Education Association), Dawn O’Keefe, ( Freelance writer, investigative reporter and producer), and Bill Sherwood (Retired educator, current Davenport School Board member, and member of the board of PACG).

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Co-sponsors of the evening were Progressive Action (PACG), St. Ambrose School of Education, The Iowa State Education (ISEA)

Bill Sherwood

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