Progressive Action of the Quad Cities intends to help build a support network aimed at educating, engaging, and empowering citizens to work for the common good of all in our communities. Enjoy the information available on this site and thank you for visiting!

Hands Across the Table for Racial Healing

Saturday, May 21, 6:00 pm

PACG Civil Rights Forum
First Christian Church, 1826 16th St, Moline, Illinois

Time to get to know people outside of your demographic! When we sit down to a shared meal and talk to one another we increase our understanding and eliminate hate. Bring a favorite ethnic or regular dish to share for the Quad Cities’ BIGGEST potluck! All ages, all races, all religions — All Welcome! For more information call Margie Meija-Carabello at 309.235.3011.

PACG Annual Picnic – 12 noon, Sunday, September 11

Advance Notice: Our annual PACG picnic will be held at 12 noon, Sunday, September 11, at Middle Park in Bettendorf, Iowa.

Get the Facts: Realities of Climate Change – After Action Report

Thursday, May 12th 6:15 pm

PACG Environmental Forum
Fairmount Branch Davenport Public Library


PACG member and Reality Project leader Mike Wilcox presented growing evidence of climate change and the impact it is having around the globe at the Fairmount Branch Library in Davenport on May 12. His message was clear: global warming has resulted in rising temperatures and extreme weather events worldwide producing unprecedented flooding, rising sea levels and drought. Using a series of graphs, photographs and film clips, a detailed picture of climate change was depicted.

While the reality of climate change poses a dire situation as extreme weather events continue to threaten our food production systems and coastal and island habitats, there is hope that change in human activity can offset total disaster. Rapid development in sustainable, non-carbon based energy, has outpaced early forecasts and countries have demonstrated that they can quickly create solar and wind energy systems to replace carbon based systems. As world leaders embrace the realities of climate change, and as people accept that we all must do with less if the planet is to survive, hope can prevail that humankind will rise to meet what is perhaps the greatest challenge civilization has yet to encounter.


Participants were invited to join the PACG Environmental Forum which meets the last Wednesday of the month at 6:30 PM at Cobblestone Place located at 1212 West Third Street in Davenport.

Anne Corbi

Climate Change: What Rising Sea Levels Mean for the Planet

Guest speaker: Mike Wilcox

Thursday, May 12th, at 6:15 pm

PACG Environmental Forum
Fairmount Library, 3000 N Fairmount St, Davenport,Iowa

Climate Change Reality Corps speaker Mike Wilcox will address the imminent threat of rising sea levels and what impact that will have worldwide. Please join us to learn more about this interesting and urgent topic.

For more info contact:

Anne Corbi


Mike Wilcox

Premiere of “Under the Gun” Video and Public Discussion – Saturday, May 7. 2:00 pm

Premiere of “Under the Gun” and Public Discussion
Saturday, May 7th 2pm

Iowans for Gun Safety
Adler Auditorium, Genesis Heart Health Institute on Rusholme St. in Davenport, IA

Sponsored by: Iowans for Gun Safety
Contact: Bob Babcock Cellphone: 630.417.0042

What: Public Discussion about fixing the problem of gun violence with legislators

When: 2 PM, Saturday, May 7th

Where: Adler Auditorium, Genesis Heart Health Institute on Rusholme St. in Davenport, IA

Who: Eastern Iowa state legislators and Scott County Sheriff’s Office candidates with Pastor Hendricks moderating discussion

Content: QCA Premier of new Katie Couric video “Under the Gun” followed by a legislative forum with the public

Please come see this wonderful film, “Under the Gun” this Saturday, (which precedes the national premiere on the EPIX cable channel on May 15th), and participate in a public discussion afterwards with others (including legislators and law enforcement candidates) who want to do something about the gun safety issue. This is an example of voters working with advocates to find creative and real solutions to reduce the deaths and injuries resulting from gun violence. Pastor Rich Hendricks from the Metropolitan Community Church has agreed to moderate the forum.

Bob Babcock, PACG Economic Justice Forum Facilitator and Iowans for Gun Safety Board Member notes that “the cost of gun violence in America has been documented at over $174 BILLION annually, equal to over $500 for every person. We cannot accept a person being killed at a rate of one every 18 minutes and being maimed every 1.8 minutes. This is NOT the America I grew up believing in!” Bob believes we can come together to fix this problem. So please join him this Saturday to be part of the solution.

Below are some references in which you may be interested:
A Des Moines Register editorial notes: http://www.desmoinesregister.com/story/opinion/editorials/2016/05/02/editorial-easy-access-guns-backfiring-families/83837662/

Quad City Times: http://qctimes.com/news/opinion/editorial/editorial-iowa-house-takes-right-approach-to-gun-legislation/article_86b95142-0e70-5d75-bb9f-e8f813eb93e8.html

“This is, after all, a country that bans the U.S. Centers for Disease Control — which monitors car accidents, diseases and even lightning strikes — from studying gun violence.”

Bob Babcock