Get the Facts: Realities of Climate Change – After Action Report

Thursday, May 12th 6:15 pm

PACG Environmental Forum
Fairmount Branch Davenport Public Library


PACG member and Reality Project leader Mike Wilcox presented growing evidence of climate change and the impact it is having around the globe at the Fairmount Branch Library in Davenport on May 12. His message was clear: global warming has resulted in rising temperatures and extreme weather events worldwide producing unprecedented flooding, rising sea levels and drought. Using a series of graphs, photographs and film clips, a detailed picture of climate change was depicted.

While the reality of climate change poses a dire situation as extreme weather events continue to threaten our food production systems and coastal and island habitats, there is hope that change in human activity can offset total disaster. Rapid development in sustainable, non-carbon based energy, has outpaced early forecasts and countries have demonstrated that they can quickly create solar and wind energy systems to replace carbon based systems. As world leaders embrace the realities of climate change, and as people accept that we all must do with less if the planet is to survive, hope can prevail that humankind will rise to meet what is perhaps the greatest challenge civilization has yet to encounter.


Participants were invited to join the PACG Environmental Forum which meets the last Wednesday of the month at 6:30 PM at Cobblestone Place located at 1212 West Third Street in Davenport.

Anne Corbi

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