Who we are and what we do:
We have come together as large non-partisan citizens’  group of progressives in the Quad Cities of Iowa and Illinois to engage folks on a variety of issues that call us to ACTION. Our purpose is to educate, engage, promote, transform and build relationships to bring about needed changes for the betterment of our communities and for the advancement of progressive values. We began organizing in January of 2005.

We created a basic framework that has led to the empowerment of local residents and assists them in five essential areas:

  • • Understanding important issues and how they relate to one another and to our values.
  • • Educating ourselves about how public policies are created and how citizens can be involved in the development of public policy and active citizenry.
  • • Developing new leadership in our communities at the grassroots level.
  • • Developing programs and workshops aimed at organizing, building and stregthening an active local progressive community.
  • • Taking action to bring about change as needed to promote our values and support the common good.

Our intention is to help build a support network aimed at educating, engaging, and empowering citizens to work for the common good of all in our communities.

    Our Mission:
    As progressives, we value and promote peace, racial, social and economic justice, civil rights, diversity, civil liberties, human rights, a preserved environment, and a reinvigorated democracy.We seek to empower people to take action for positive change and we advocate for fundamental change when necessary.