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Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement in the Quad Cities

evan burger presenting ICCI campaigns in the Quad Cities

Evan Burger from Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement (Iowa CCI) presented on Iowa CCI’s hot new campaigns in the Quad Cities. Iowa CCI is a group of everyday people from all walks of life who “talk, act, and get things done” on a variety of issues – from fighting the wage theft epidemic to defending Social Security to leading the charge for laws that protect our air and water.

Iowa CCI members have been winning big victories on these issues and others for 38 years. Evan gave a brief overview of the group’s history and current campaigns, then dug in on big new initiatives that CCI members are kicking off in the Quad City area. Whether you’re a long-time CCI member or just now hearing about the organization, please get involved!

Find more information on Iowa CCI at www.iowacci.org, call Evan at (515) 282-0484 or email him at evan@iowacci.org.

Evan Burger from Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement